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Strizi Logo Geweih - Strizi Family History

Strizi Story - A family business from Salzburg

The challenge of creating a brand as and above all with the family was and is still what drives us.
We design the Strizi brand competently, honestly and compulsorily with all the personal background noises that are certainly part of everyday life and are often the decisive viewpoint of our brand.
What is essential for us is it has to make sense for us and why we do this, just know how everyone was done and how we did our work.
Children are the first honest statements here, things have just been pulled out and made an issue and here too are the following, which or who are also unconscious.

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The beginning is quick. When the last daughter was born, Bernhard Stadler and his wife gave little “Strizi” a self-made T-shirt. Thus the Strizi brand was born. At that time you could not have guessed how much this t-shirt would become your life. In the kindergarten, friends and acquaintances liked the Strizi style, and the Stadler family produced the shirts and clothes in-house.
The Strizi products were bought again and again and the company was also owned. “Berner Stadler. Will only be decided in Austria and Germany. In addition to the young line, the Stadler family also developed a line for adults. “It’s all part of our main jobs, so busy in our free time,” continues the “Strizi boss”.
The products enjoyed repeated popularity and so the first Strizi shop in the city of Salzburg became an interest. The Stadler family is true to its basic motto. “We have all of our clothes ourselves and we let them be trusted, responsible ones,” said Stadler. It is important for them that the clothes are timeless and that the products are too quick.
Strizi products have their price, quality, quality and production method. “I’m happy about customers who wear our products for a long time, that’s the best advertisement for us,” says Bernhard Stadler. Today the Strizi brand is known, tourists from all over the world as well as people from Salzburg like to buy the clothes. I believe that the customers who know them because they have them. Then I see that it fits, that they are satisfied, ”he explains his philosophy. And the quality must of course be passenger. If that works then you are on the right track. That’s the Strizi brand every fall.
written by Heiko Mandl
Independent photographer and author in Salzburg

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